Shards & Scraps: Sarah Godfrey MFA Thesis Exhibition

Rachel Connell

Shards & Scraps: A Reflection on Personal Connections to Glass Vessels and Food

The artwork in Shards & Scraps reflects on Sarah Godfrey’s personal connections to glass and food throughout her life. Her smaller paintings study the interaction of light with glass plus the physical representations of peeling fruit, while larger multi-surface paintings study repaired and broken glass objects used in food service and preparation. Large-format photographs tower over viewers and broken glass installations challenge you to assess the line between beauty and danger.

Through Godfrey’s education at Iowa State University, her work has transformed into a reflective narrative about her connections with glass vessels, from childhood until the present. In recent years, her studio practice has changed due to personal observations of the quantity of food waste made. Within the exhibition, food transforms into a medium of expression that gives participants opportunities to be more mindful of the waste they produce in their own homes.

Additional information and images can be found on Godfrey’s website: