IVA Graduate Spring 2020 Review

Rachel Connell

Each semester, the Integrated Visual Arts graduate students display an exhibition review of their work at the Design on Main Gallery. The multidisciplinary work is reviewed by faculty members as well as students within the College of Design. Barbara Walton serves as the IVA Director of Graduate Education and the participating MFA candidates are: Christopher Chiavetta, Youeun Lee, Callie Clark Wiren, and Li Zhang.

Christopher Chiavetta

“I developed an appreciation for working outdoors and being engaged physically in ways that painting generally does not allow for. My focus was on a direct experience with the landscape and my own physicality rather than emotionality and representational concerns. To a greater extent, I allowed materials and actions to be meaningful in themselves without insisting on metaphor or aesthetic conventions. This gave the act of transforming the materials a personal and ritualistic nature. Their connection to a broader social context is something I would give greater consideration to, should I continue to work in this manner.”

Youeun Lee

“In this semester, I have been focusing on the next step, visual storytelling, which reflects my message. As there are various media to deliver information, the methodology for storytelling becomes different depends on the media such as books, movie, comic book, and game. During this semester, my stories are presented in cartoon, storyboard, and illustration, which is one-way media. Also, I tried to provide my story through interactive art, which is interactive way.”

Callie Clark Wiren

“I begin my projects with an idea that I feel strongly for: sadness, frustration, anger, love, hope. I then take conceptual approaches and representational of public and private identity in historical and portrait painting. Within identity I am currently focused on experiences of disabilities and mental illness in American culture, as well as experiences of loss and human suffering, and contemporary political history.”

Li Zhang

“So in my acrylic painting, I focus on the expressions of people. I have created three portraits of my nephew via acrylic painting in total. In the three portraits, I emphasized his facial expressions. I think the rich facial expression is one unique feature of human, and it is different from person to person. I tried to capture my nephew’s emotions in three different facial expressions.  I hope to convey the energy and joy of a mischievous boy, and I hope that people can smile when they see these paintings with exaggerated expressions.”