Art IS 345 Woven Structures

Alison Weidemann

Students in Teresa Paschke’s Art IS 345 Woven Structures studio were asked to create a virtual textile exhibition of their own design from the collection of the Minneapolis Institute of Art (Mia). As curators, they developed a theme for their exhibition, selected appropriate artwork from Mia’s database of literally thousands of textiles, and researched pertinent information about each artwork from other digital sources (such as artist’s websites). They titled their exhibitions and laid out each page as though it was a gallery wall.

Abigail West

Madilyn Brace

Brett Garrett

Hunter Crannell

Alyssa Killin

Annelie Grunig

Courtney Cooley

Dan Nutt

Constance Spotts

Allison Hellman

Riley Gunderson

Darya Geary